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The Best Publishing Platform for everyone

90% Revenue for the Author

With publishing with Ekapress, you get to keep 90% of total revenue. 10% is our motivation to keep marketing your book on different platform.

Great Support

Call us anytime and we will answer all your questions/queries and help you in every possible way to realize your dream.

We do marketing of your book

We have social media experts in-house who will help you market your book globally and we have seen some great result in the past.

Publish Quickly

Even though we are mostly a self publishing house, we take each project seriously. While editing and formatting can take 1 to 2 weeks, printing will be completed in a week. Within a month, your book will be on multiple distribution platforms and selling in over 100 countries.

Personalized Dashboard

Track Sales number of all your books with us on a dashboard.

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Services you need it and we have them


How it works


To submit manuscripts for evaluation, please e-mail the following to: ekapresshyderabad@gmail.com

* Complete work

* Concept Note: The concept note of the manuscript should include what audience you are writing for, targeted market segment, other comparative titles available, unique selling point, word count and illustrative content. For poetry, the synopsis may be a short note on the kind of poems included.

* Short write-up on the Author/s and/or Illustrator.

Please mention the below in your email:

1. Full name

2. Title name

3. Mobile number


Get a support at every step!

Our team will ease your publishing process by providing information at every step of it. From ISBN procurement to Editing, from Cover designing to Marketing assistance, we’ve got it all covered for you by our in-house expertise.

Process & Timeline

Once you send us the submission the following steps occur at our end: Query resolution: should you have any query, the e-mails are replied to within a week and Basic evaluation: You will receive a mail of acknowledgement on submission or one of our editors may write asking for more information if required.

Period: 2-3 weeks If the work qualifies for the Editor’s portfolio of books

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We help you distribute your books across multiple countries using following distribution channels

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