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by Alekhya Shiv, Deleep Damisetti​, Gautam Sasidharan​, Kalam Babu​, Krishna Ahir​, Pranay Mathur​, Praneeta Gutta​, Swastyayan Shreyam​, Sushma Rani​, Swapnil Saurav, Zeeshan Hussain​

Book Cover: Advent

It gives us immense pleasure to present this anthology of short stories – ADVENT. This is the maiden offering of HydRAW (Hyderabad Readers and Writers) through Eka Publishers by 11 authors who live in the same city, the Pearl City of Hyderabad, yet have diverse background and age groups.

Eka Publishers was set up by a group of experts with clear vision of supporting upcoming authors.

HydRAW is a sanctuary for all interested in reading and writing formed with the objective to be a bridge between readers and writers. The book is at the centre of our mission. Advent is just the beginning of a long series of titles that will be published by us in months and years to come. We hope you like reading this as much as we did in putting it together.

Excerpt from the book: Two days had gone past in the usual hustle and bustle of a traveller bound within a stipulated time. And here I stood — holding the latch of my hotel window, looking at the sleeping town, and realizing that I did forget something.
And every forgetfulness that comes as a price for our own practical preferences is heavy to breathe in.
Nothing bonds like similar scars. And somehow, while you hate each other as much for witnessing the same circle of suffering and disappointments that caused you pain, you dig people out who can identify your source of pain without you speaking about it.
Nobody can live till old age without experiencing a loss. Every loss is painful. In fact, the more we experience loss, the more we look for something to hold on to. Every scar caused by a deep love is filled and refilled with a lighter love. But love, nevertheless.
- Excerpt from Story "Time Paradox"

Backcover quote: The stories have been put together like a potpourri bowl. Each adds a distinct essence to the fragrance. A great read.
-- Aditya KV. Author, Daitya Diaries

Publisher: Eka Publishers
Cover Artists:

About the Authors

Alekhya Shiv

Alekhya Shiv is an I.T. professional from the land of Irani chai and biryani.

Deleep Damisetti​

An I.T. professional with more than 8 years experience, he loves watching and analyzing films. He is an aspiring writer.

Gautam Sasidharan​

A person who wonders about everything happening around him, Gautam does not restrict himself to any particular language genre or language.

Kalam Babu​

Kalam has published two short stories collection, It Did Not Happen One Night and There Is No One New Around You.

Other Books By Kalam Babu​

Krishna Ahir​

A stay at home mom by profession, Krishna mesmerises readers with her heart touching, deep poems and stories. She weaves magic through her words and her characters are inspired from real-life incidents.

Pranay Mathur​

Pranay has contributed story in ADVENT Anthology published through Ekapress

Praneeta Gutta​

Praneetha loves playing badminton and watching cricket while M.S. Dhoni is in crease.

Swastyayan Shreyam​

Swastyayan is an instructional designer by profession, a writer by passion, and a dreamer by hopeless optimism. Everything about life interests her.

Sushma Rani​

Sushma is a literature student in English and French with an equal interest in arts, food, nature, children and travelling! Her reading preferences, most of the times, are fantasy, children lit, classics and self help!

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Swapnil Saurav

Swapnil Saurav (b. 26 Sep 1981) was born in Saharsa, Bihar (India). He grew up in Hyderabad and lives in the city since 1990. Swapnil earns his living by working in Software Industry and solving customers' supply chain problems. He has spent over 15 years solving problems of customers from various industries like Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing. He started writing in the year 2013 with Technology books and in 2018, he also started writing Fiction stories and novels. He writes about common people and describes things which can happen in anybody's life. He writes prose in English and poetry in Hindi.



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Zeeshan Hussain​

Zeeshan loves to write English short stories and poetry in English & Urdu since he sincerely began exploring the writing world in 2017 after he moved to Hyderabad.


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