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by Angelique AT

Book Cover: Apart

All love stories and fairy tales end with the promise of a happily ever after. But does a happily ever after truly   exist in real life?

This tale is beyond the happily ever after, showcasing the realities of love and life.

This story is of Ana and her unconditional love towards the person she hates the most. Not a cliché tale of love and betrayal, it gives you a sneak-peek into the messed-up life of Antonia Walker and her struggles with her new life where she loves no one, trusts no one.

Will her illusion of a happy and peaceful life shatter? Will she succumb to the hatred she stores towards the man she gave her heart to, or will she make her way away from the memories? Will she prioritize herself and her happiness, going against everything that her mind and body tell her? Will the hatred die or will it continue till her last breath?


Publisher: Eka Publishers

About the Author

A.T. Angelique is the pen name of Anjali Tripathi. Anjali is a 21-year-old girl living in Noida, India with her family. She is a law student pursuing B.A. LL.B. from Amity Law School, Delhi (GGSIPU). She is also working as a youth blogger with India’s leading youth blog, ED Times. She is multi-talented and has founded several social ventures namely Lex Jura Law Journal, Lex Jura Law, Vidhivyedetta and CUE- Center for Upliftment and Equality.

Anjali loves dogs and is often found playing with stray animals. She is fascinated by renaissance art and literature. Her interest in writing development at a young age when she wrote several poems and short stories.

You can reach out to her on her social media handles:-






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