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by Lavanya Nukavarapu

Book Cover: Cigarettes Sex Love

The title speaks loud through the words of Sarjana Atluri, who is twenty-three, addicted to cigarettes, and is confused with love and sex. Recently friend-zoned by the man she loves, she thinks her life may end up resembling her mother’s, who has spent a lifetime pining away for an unfulfilled and unrequited love. But the truth is that Sarjana is different. She desires sex as much as she desires love. In a society that cannot comprehend it adequately, she is often judged and shamed for her perspectives. Nonetheless, she sets herself on a journey to seek answers and to discover herself - what is it that she wants? In her journey, she forges varied relationships and through them, she learns the meaning of life and love and her stand on relationships. She realizes that there may not be answers for everything always, but what is important is that she becomes a better version of herself every day, learning to manage her addictions of cigarettes, her need for love and her desire for sex.

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