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An untold story

by Siva

Book Cover: Kasab After 26/11

Realizing the danger of what Kasab might leak out during interrogation, Pakistan desperately needs Kasab dead or alive. The ISI Chief constitutes a special task force named "Protectors of Pakistan - POP" to handle this highly critical mission.The "POP" through a well-executed modus operandi kidnaps top Indian Minister's relatives. They also kidnap the daughter of President of Pakistan in waiting and use it to create a war like situation between India and Pakistan. The tension in the air between India and Pakistan is palpable.Having created this situation they threaten the Indian Prime Minister that unless Kasab is released, all those in their custody will be executed. The pressure is on both the Indian Prime Minister and Pakistan's Prime Minister.The Indian Prime Minister appoints special agents Arjun and Sunil to counter the POP's threat

Publisher: Eka Publishers
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