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Life After Uniform

by Hari Arayammakul, Saheli Banerji, Rabi Chatterjee, Anil Kumar Jaswal, Dr Surya Kaladhar, Ashish Khandare, Rajeev A. Masih, Kaweri Mishra, Mridul C Mrinal, Deesha Soni, Swapnil Saurav

Book Cover: Moulting Days

Indian armed forces are highly trained and ready to respond, at a moment's notice, to any challenges and threats faced by the country. While in service, our armed force personnel dedicate their lives to the cause of the nation, their life after retirement and transition to civilian life is even more challenging. With both real and imaginary stories, often with a touch of humour, this anthology highlights the dilemma faced by soldiers on transition.

Publisher: Eka Publishers
Cover Artists:

About the Authors

Hari Arayammakul

Hari Arayammakul is a soldier–turned-writer. Hailing from Kozhikode, Kerala he has travelled extensively across India during his military days.  He writes short stories and poems in English and Malayalam. His ‘military memoirs’ regularly appear in prominent Newspapers like The Hindu, The Deccan Herald and The New Indian Express. Apart from the cantonment stories, nature, and environment are recurring themes in his writing.

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Saheli Banerji

I am Saheli Banerji from Kolkata, West Bengal. Although I am a former Lecturer of English, but writing has always been my passion and presently I have opted it as my profession too! Along with being a poet and short stories writer, I am a professional novelist too.

You can find my signed works

Pools of Blood
Murder of the king
Miscellany of odes (paperback at Amazon)
Rhythms of Life (paperback at Amazon)
Zingedi ek Eheshas (yet to be printed)

You can check out my works at my website



Rabi Chatterjee

My name is Rabi Chatterjee, a video editor and content writer. I live at Howrah. I am a young, enthusiastic and self-motivated creative artist who always strives for excellence in his work. Currently, I am freelancing and continuing my graduation in English literature. There are 3 things I am passionate about - Films, books and internet.



Anil Kumar Jaswal

Anil Jaswal is a part time writer. His work frequently gets published in newspapers, magazines, social media platforms etc. He is a published author of one of the Portals. His book titled "Inderdhanush", a collection of 50 poems in Hindi, is published by notion press. He has won various awards for his writing.


Dr Surya Kaladhar

Dr M. Surya Kaladhar started her career  as a Junior Lecturer in Reddy Women’s College, from there she joined  as an associate Professor in Kasturba Gandhi College for Women, Marredpally, an Exhibition society run college.

The subject in which she presented a thesis for the Ph.D degree was “Performance Apprasial a Comparitive Prespective of selected Public and Private Sector Undertakings.”

Attended several national/international semenary and work shops and presented several papers and authorised many subjects.

In addition to academic achievements she represented Sri Krishna Deva Raya University in 2000 for the youth festival on behalf of Osmania University.

Dr. Surya Kaladhar was bestowed with meritorious Best Teachers Award by Government of Andhra Pradesh in September 2000 and hold many posts like HOD, in Kasturba Gandhi College, and coordinator for distance education in Osmania University and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar open University.



Blogs by the Author:



Ashish Khandare

Ashish Jain a.k.a Ashish Ashok Khandare, is an engineering professional having worked in manufacturing industries like Diebold Nixdorf, Motherson Sumi, Asahi India, for more than 16 years. With a very good collection of experience, he started writing blog on real life short stories and then fictional stories as well. He is very much inspired by Author Sudha Murty. It is because of her inspiration, he started using simple language so his writing can reach to a bigger audience. He is a very emotional person and it shows in his writing. He is currently writing a book on a story from lockdown India which will be an emotional roller coaster ride. He writes blog at:


Rajeev A. Masih

“Writing' has been my passion from a long time and I have tried to nurture it by undertaking assignments related to the written work” - this is exactly how Rajeev A. Masih, an April born on the 22nd date of the month, describes his love for writing.

A double post graduate degree holder in English and in sociology and a professional education in the field of imparting education for the subject, English, for a fruitful 19 years, Rajeev A. Masih had started writing fiction and nonfiction work from a very young age of his academic years and by now has penned down a plethora of articles, reports, stories, poems and has also delved in the field of blog writing.

Winner of the third and the fourth prize consecutive time in an online story contest conducted in the year 2020, in the category of the short stories, Rajeev feels a sense of contentment on knowing that his readers appreciate his writings and can relate to his works.

For more information about, Rajeev A. Masih, you are most welcome to drop a line -



Kaweri Mishra

Kaweri Mishra is an ex IT professional turned freelance writer from Bangalore. She is a mother and yoga enthusiast. She had a flair for writing since school days. She has written several articles for online media and business content for websites for IT companies. During her stint in IT industry(Infosys ltd), she was involved in writing process and technical documents.


Mridul C Mrinal

Mridul C Mrinal is a Poet,Writer and researcher. Hailing from Kerala, His works are mainly in English and Malayalam ,but he also writes in Hindi,Urdu, Kannada and Tulu languages. Mrinal has been working in various literary fields simultanuosly as a Translator and an Author. His works mainly depicts the life of marginalised and disabled sections of the society.A Polyglot himself, Mrinal believes that Cultural intergeration of Various ethno linguistic communities within India and Abroad could contribute to the Better understanding of the world. He completed his Undergraduation in English Language and Literature from the University of Calicut in 2018. He earned his Post Graduate degree in English and Comparative Literature from Central University of Kerala in 2020.As aperson with keen research aptititude, Mrinal has present 12 Research papers in various National and International Conferences across India. His first work A Malayali gay’s Identity : A Study of Kishor Kumar’s Randu Prushnmar Chumbikumbol was published in the Anthology Women and Queers:The Marginalized Gender . He worked as an Editorial Assistant to Dr.Efthikar Ahmed on the Anthology of Short stories in Malayalam Titled Akasham Mathram Kanunna Veedukal. His works are further appeared in different Journals of National Importance.



Deesha Soni

Deesha Soni..a Post Graduate and M.phil  adorns the hat of a multitasker of an educationist,artist,poet,photographer,a uthor,homemaker,wife and mother.

Writing has come naturally in her genes..

She loves trying hands on various genres of literature..for Deesha writing is like a therapy...which unwinds the thought process and from the mind workshop..

Deesha has various published works to her credit. She has two books published on Amazon,  named 'Just thoughts' and 'Random thoughts on pandemic', Kindle edition and more than 100 plus published works on various online platforms of literature. Deesha has been twice nominated for Author of a week award by Storymirror and has also won various recognitions in penning stories and write-ups. at National and International levels.

Currently Deesha is penning down yet another work of literature with Amazon Kindle..Her journey has started and has a long way to go along on the path of literature.


Swapnil Saurav

Swapnil Saurav (b. 26 Sep 1981) was born in Saharsa, Bihar (India). He grew up in Hyderabad and lives in the city since 1990. Swapnil earns his living by working in Software Industry and solving customers' supply chain problems. He has spent over 15 years solving problems of customers from various industries like Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing. He started writing in the year 2013 with Technology books and in 2018, he also started writing Fiction stories and novels. He writes about common people and describes things which can happen in anybody's life. He writes prose in English and poetry in Hindi.



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