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Decode Your Traits and Foster Situation led Self-Leadership !!

by Ramya R Moorthy

Book Cover: The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women

The 9 colours of Vibrant Women is an inspirational sequel of the book, A Journey in Search of Success Happiness, and it urges everyone to be strong and passionate to live a meaningful and extra-ordinary life. A teenage girl, Anila suffers depression after losing her school friend, in a sexual assault crime. Anila’s loving mother, Shivani, tries to console her by detailing the key traits required for modern women - inspired by the ‘Navaratri’ celebration in their home town. Shivani educates her daughter to incubate nine different personality traits, by correlating each with the nine avatars of goddess Durga. These key traits emphasised for the well-being of women are presented by associating them with nine colours.
Shivani explains the need for SITUATIONAL SELF-LEADERSHIP to nurture our inner-self, that ensures our choice of trait be situation driven. Anila is finally convinced that the ability to choose and exhibit the right combination of traits in specific situations can help us face challenging situations in life. Inspired by her mother’s analogy of nine avatars and colour references, what does Anila do as a tribute to her friend at the end? What was the impact of Shivani’s discussions? That is for the readers to explore.
The book provides an agnostic message around the need for special personality traits in millennial women. With real-life examples of five exceptional women for each of nine colours, the book details forty-five inspirational stories of game-changers, to portray how a woman can lead a fulfilling life by pursuing their passion.
Though our Indian epics and literature portray women as the most respected individuals and our ancestors named rivers, nation, Gods, so forth by using feminine names, the present real life situation isn’t very comforting. Not only our sophisticated lifestyle seems to have an upward trend, but the crimes against women, particularly sexual harassment of women and children, also seem to be on a rapid rise. This has brought shame to India despite our stupendous technological innovations and research outcomes.
As in case of any other social problem, addressing the issue at the root level is the best way to tackle it. The author feels that moral education (including public awareness and effective parenting) and severe punishment are the two key areas that need improvement to reduce sexual violence crimes against women. This book is an attempt to supplement the educational aids, by detailing different traits required for every woman to tackle the challenges in their life.
This book would serve as an inspirational aid for personal growth – to face life with courage and live up to our dreams to lead our BEST life by realizing our passion and potential.

Who should read?
Women, adults, teenagers and anyone who would like to understand the importance of women power and get inspired from Indian women game-changers. And for anyone who wants to have a fresh perspective into what being a woman could mean.

How to read?
The book contains various quotations, anecdotes and real-life stories of women personalities across various domains (deliberately excluded politics) to emphasize the traits described by the author. While reading about the nine traits, highlight the key sentences and read them several times till the desire to inculcate the trait within you is absolute. When you complete a chapter, come up with an action plan – baby steps to improve the qualities within yourself. This will help you become the most aspired form of YOURSELF.

Let’s Appreciate the Power of Women!!

Publisher: Eka Publishers
Reviews:Swapnil Saurav on wrote:

This book talk about the power of women. We always hear from everyone around us that women have special power, they are hard working and can achieve greater success in whatever they choose to do but still we hear Nirbhaya like cases. The best part about this book is that it celebrates the power of women. The narration is very good, its not like a sermon but told as stories which makes it interesting. Overall a very good book to read.

About the Author

Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy carries almost two decades of experience in IT. She has worked with various leading MNCs. She is an Engineering graduate with Master’s in Software Systems from BITS Pilani. She is an aspiring writer and a motivational speaker. She is passionate about inspiring others to live their BEST lives. She is a proud mother of two daughters and currently lives in Bengaluru. She is reachable at

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