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by Lavanya Nukavarapu

Book Cover: The Captive: Psychological Thriller

A gripping story of how multiple lives become entangled, when a kidnapped girl escapes and sets the alarms ringing on at least 15 unsolved murder cases, mostly involving female victims. Kruthi Shah, who has just killed one of her abductors and escaped from the wooden cabin, where she had been kept a captive. She makes it her personal goal to mete out what she sees as the punishment to the main captor. Will she succeed in locking him in his own mental cage? Or will she fall into the trap herself? Madhuri Mahiwal, who's the Officer In-Charge, wants nothing but justice for Kruthi. How does she balance the explosive truths of the case with her own personal life that no longer seems to be what she had always believed it to be? Dhananjay Bhide's only dream was to live the life of an honest police officer, in memory of his late father's wishes. He is deeply affected when he sees a battered Kruthi and vows to bring her justice. How far is he willing to go for her sake?

So here we are, looking at the opus of a magnificent work, replete with insight, detailed peeps into the detective world. I feel it has cinematic potential too, and hope it is given the recognition due. Welcome, India's Lady Earle Stanley Gardner, I must say... Crime does pay dividends in literature, all kudos to you! --- Col. (Retd.) Kanchan Bhattacharya

The Captive is one of finest attempts by Lavanya Nukavarapu at writing a brilliantly engaging and teeth clattering crime/suspense thriller. From the plot of the book, to the setting and the characters- everything in this book keeps you engaged and hooked for more. Lavanya has made sure that she gives each of the characters in her novel not only a distinctive personality reader can relate to, but also a very distinctive voice, something that sticks with you for a long time. --- Kavya Sharma, Author of - To Naddiyaa and The Carmine Memories.

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