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by P. Muralidharan

Book Cover: The Magic Bike

The book is a short novel for children. Ten years old Karthik finds his bicycle is talking suddenly. The bicycle has got magical powers and helps him use those powers for good things. How he and the bicycle do so many interesting things by getting invisible or taking a whole new look magically is the portion which is impressive for the kids. The main theme is the question whether children need parental guidance to use smart phones.

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Publisher: Eka Publishers

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About the Author

P.Muralidharan, a versatile thinker, critique and writer’s nonfiction 'BUBBLES BURST' has been widely appreciated by readers. Not only have his short stories been included in a few anthologies including HydRaw's, several of them have also been published in online magazines and publishing house portals like Thinkley, Blue Rose, Indian Periodical, Active Muse and Amritanjali. He is an active member of many global literary societies who have shared his critical review of books and poetry on their social media platform. His contributions have been bilingual, He has also translated 2 books including Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Why I am Hindu' into Tamil. He lives in Chennai.


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