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by Kalam Babu​

Book Cover: There is no one new around you & other stories

15 Unputdownable stories that are page turners.

Spoiler alert: The last line of 'The Tragedy of the Commons' is bound to give you goose bumps…but only if you read it from the very beginning. So, don't turn back the pages yet! And 'The Principle of Sufficient Reason' will keep you thinking long after you’re done reading it.

'Dying' ghosts, a musical wait for death, a lion forming out of the words on a page, the tears of an old mother, talking keys, and more. This anthology has stories that don't just touch your heart. They linger on your mind.

Kalam Babu's felicity with words makes There is No One New Around You an enjoyable read. This book is not for those who are choosy about genres, for it touches upon many different ones. And even if you are, this is a good starting point to introduce yourself to new ones. Kalam Babu is admirably versatile with genres and themes. He plays with narrative techniques to add depth to his stories.

You'll find these stories quite endearing because of their simplicity, the deep meaning and values they convey. Don't just read them, feel them. The plots are unpredictable and characters unforgettable.

Happy reading!

Publisher: Eka Publishers

About the Author

Kalam has published two short stories collection, It Did Not Happen One Night and There Is No One New Around You.

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