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I am going to explain here how to create your Author Profile page with Eka Publishers. Check that you have got the link to login and your login access details (username and password) to login to the Eka Publishers author login page. Same details can be used to Create Posts, Add Authors and Add Books.

Step 1: Login to your page on Eka Publishers

Step 2: Set of Menu items will be available to choose from on your left side of the screen

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Step 3: Click on Authors. You will see a page is already created for you, in that case, click on the Edit option which is right below your name. If you dont see your name, please don’t worry, you can click on New Author. In either case, it will take you to your author page.

Step 4: Now you are on your author page. First option is to edit your URL. You can customise it if you want to. Email ID if you enter, it will be displayed to all. You can upload your photo. Check the image shown below to know more details.

Author Home Page in Edit Mode

Step 5: If you scroll down, on the left you will see the place to add your Bio and on the right you will see the space to add all your social media accounts. This is very important section as this will help you to reach out to your audience who is looking to get in touch with you.

Sections to add your Bio and Social Media accounts

Step6: Final step is to Publish or make the changes visible to the Outside world. You will see Publish button on the top right of your screen (shown below in the image) or Update if you are editing your page. Click on it and you are done.

Publish or make your changes permanent

Welcome on-board!

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