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Writig a blog on Ekapress.org

Writing your blog on ekapress.org is can be a great idea if you want fellow book readers and/or writers to read your blog, since this is dedicated for books, books and only books. Putting your blog on Ekapress site will not only give you the perfect audience but also give your blog a wider reach since we are partnering with multiple well established sites – so it will be like “Write once and Publish at multiple platforms”. So whats you waiting for, let me show you how to go about it.

Step 1: Either register with the website or request the admin to give you the login access to post blogs (www.ekapress.org)

Step 2: Once logged-in, click on New Post from your dashboard (shown below)

Look for new Post

Step 3: When you click on it, you will land on a blank editor as shown below

Important things to look for while writing the blog

Read on How to create an author page on Ekapress.org

Step 4: Things to keep in mind: Add a nice catchy but related title. You will see a plus sign as shown in above image. Use this to add blocks to the blog. You can choose Image block where you want to enter image, or a paragraph block to add paragraphs. You can embed even YouTube videos and many other options which you can see when you click on the plus sign.

Step 5: Its always a good practice to put a landscape image before the content.

Click here how to add a new book to ekapress.org website

Step 6: Once you complete writing your article, look at the important things which you need to add to your post. Always put your article under correct Categories (you can select multiple categories). Use right set of Tags, which will make Search engines to pull your articles for relevant searches. Alway add a feature image, you can select one of the images you already added to the blog. Finally, try to add links to your own previous articles to your current article so that people can refer and access easily.

Congratulations, you article is now published on Ekapress!


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