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Deesha Soni..a Post Graduate and M.phil  adorns the hat of a multitasker of an educationist,artist,poet,photographer,a uthor,homemaker,wife and mother.

Writing has come naturally in her genes..

She loves trying hands on various genres of literature..for Deesha writing is like a therapy...which unwinds the thought process and from the mind workshop..

Deesha has various published works to her credit. She has two books published on Amazon,  named 'Just thoughts' and 'Random thoughts on pandemic', Kindle edition and more than 100 plus published works on various online platforms of literature. Deesha has been twice nominated for Author of a week award by Storymirror and has also won various recognitions in penning stories and write-ups. at National and International levels.

Currently Deesha is penning down yet another work of literature with Amazon Kindle..Her journey has started and has a long way to go along on the path of literature.


Books By Deesha Soni


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