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Mridul C Mrinal is a Poet,Writer and researcher. Hailing from Kerala, His works are mainly in English and Malayalam ,but he also writes in Hindi,Urdu, Kannada and Tulu languages. Mrinal has been working in various literary fields simultanuosly as a Translator and an Author. His works mainly depicts the life of marginalised and disabled sections of the society.A Polyglot himself, Mrinal believes that Cultural intergeration of Various ethno linguistic communities within India and Abroad could contribute to the Better understanding of the world. He completed his Undergraduation in English Language and Literature from the University of Calicut in 2018. He earned his Post Graduate degree in English and Comparative Literature from Central University of Kerala in 2020.As aperson with keen research aptititude, Mrinal has present 12 Research papers in various National and International Conferences across India. His first work A Malayali gay’s Identity : A Study of Kishor Kumar’s Randu Prushnmar Chumbikumbol was published in the Anthology Women and Queers:The Marginalized Gender . He worked as an Editorial Assistant to Dr.Efthikar Ahmed on the Anthology of Short stories in Malayalam Titled Akasham Mathram Kanunna Veedukal. His works are further appeared in different Journals of National Importance.



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