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Greetings to our Fellow Readers!

Our Story Insight was conceived with an idea to bring in a fresh approach to entertainment journalism, celebrating book authors, editors and readers. While we aim at providing you with best and reliable information, we also hope to incorporate news that actually matters as a solution to our every day problems.

The world as we know today is being torn to shreds with the onslaught of global COVID-19 infestation. Not just lives but our livelihood is at the threshold of collapse. Economy, Education and Earning have suffered serious downfall as many great nations of this world experience a tremendous loss of jobs.

The time has come to finally deduce smart practices to fight back and reduce the burden due to unemployment that now lurks more evidently as ever in the shadows.

In this series, Our Story Insights has pledged to come up with engaging and innovative ideas to boost our Indian youth in skills and exposing them with opportunities that will help them in finding their paths to a successful career.

Our team has planned to dedicate articles towards various popular yet scarcely discussed issues vital for youth. In this issue we bring forth introductory yet detailed stories about writing your first article for a newspaper, getting into the world of freelancers as a writer and tips and tricks to creating a web series out of your novel.

While we aim at providing you with skills enhancing and career boosting stories, our creative team has vowed to whip up interesting reads for you. Short stories, Poems and articles, we plan to diversify with other interesting forms of content.

We sincerely love our readers and hope to listen from you regarding your valuable feedback about our content. Since it’s our pilot issue, we need your blessings and well wishes.

I thank you for your precious time.

With bucket loads of positive vibes to all our readers,

Yours truly,

Rajesh Chaudhary



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