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The 9 colours of Vibrant Women is a trending inspirational book that emphasizes the need for special personality traits in millennial women. This is the second book by a prominent Indian best seller author, Ramya R Moorthy, published by EkaPress Publishers, Hyderabad.

The book release happened at author’s home at Bengaluru. The book was launched by her eight-year-old daughter on her birthday. Considering the lockdown situation, the formal book release event will be planned later.

Following the success of Amazon Best Seller, “A Journey in search of SUCCESS Happiness”, the author feels that her second book would also get reader’s reputation making it a best seller.

This book is an inspirational sequel and it urges readers to live a meaningful life. Inspired by Navaratri celebrations, the book details nine traits, correlating them with each of the nine avatars of goddess Durga. By associating the key traits with nine colours, the author imparts the need for fostering situational self-leadership to nurture one’s inner-self. With 45+ real-life examples of game-changer women personalities, the book portrays how a woman can lead a fulfilling life by pursuing their passion.

Not only our sophisticated lifestyle seems to have an upward trend, but also the crimes against women, particularly sexual harassment of women and children, also seem to be on a rapid rise. This has brought shame to India despite our stupendous technological innovations and research outcomes.

The author feels that moral education and severe punishment are the two key areas that need improvement to reduce sexual violence crimes against women. This book not only attempts to supplement the educational aids, but also includes a fiction on how the crime rate could be brought under control in India through its characters.

It urges readers to discover the value of self-leadership and live up to our dreams by realizing our passion and potential.

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Visit Author’s websita on Ekapress

The book ‘The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women’ is now available for purchase in Amazon.


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