What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
-- Shakespeare.

Not really! We all want our name to be popular in the literary field. We go the extra mile to select a unique title for our books. Some of us have unique pen names just so as to differentiate themselves from other writers or to create a different identity for themselves altogether.

The fountain of our literary ink is still spilling in the reading world and in this very short time, we have added around 50 titles. We aim at becoming a cornucopia in the world of literature. 

SOME OF OUR  RECENT TITLES: (For the complete list, please click here -> Books Catalogue July 2021.)

Strutting Lightbugs
by Kalam Babu and Lavanya Nukavarapu
Genre: Supernatural Thriller

A supernatural force on a killing spree is all set to wipe out an entire town to avenge an injustice meted out a century ago. The murders are ruthless and gory invoking terror throughout the town.

A leader, the town head, knows the real nature of this supernatural force and tries to stop it but his attempts are futile. His abilities and integrity are put to severe test. A dancer who sees the world in grey and has his own demons to slay, is reluctant to pick up the cudgels. Not only his identity, his life is also in danger. How do their paths intersect? How do they resolve their convictions?

A roller coaster ride of supernatural events combined with dance, music, and gender angst promises to keep you, the reader, thoroughly entertained.

By Multiple Authors
Genre: Short stories anthology

Every story stands out separately like the grains in a perfect pot of Biryani. With varied narrative styles and aroma of their mother tongue sprinkled, the authors mixed literary flavours unique to our country making Biryaniyat a Hyderabadi and Indian delight.

Short stories are a great reflection of the human society. Incidents occurring in our daily lives take an interesting turn when authors describe them in the form of a short story. The way we live, our behaviour, happy moments and fears; all emotions have been well depicted in this anthology 'Biryaniyat.'

Travelling through this anthology, readers get to explore many facets of life and experience different cultures.

As they say, shades of life - it is very well described in the bouquet of short stories present in this anthology. 

Transition & ther Stories
by Kalam Babu
Genre: Short story collection

Transition is a cross-genre collection of twelve incredible short stories. From romance to moral dilemma, and family relationships to fantasy, you will not be stuck in a single boat. You will meet a retired military doctor, a college student, a software engineer and even bus tyres along with several well-rounded characters.

The demanding situations they are put in and the responses they elicit culminate in engaging stories that combine lucid exposition with real world insights.

Follow the journeys of these characters, as they rediscover themselves through acceptance, commitment, and passion, unlearning stereotypes that have been crammed down our brains.

Monsoon Mischief
By Hari Arayammakul
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Soorya is stuck in an intoxicating mid-life romantic relationship. Still, in his late thirties, he leaves the Air Force with high hopes of settling down in his remote rainy Malabar village. A disaster awaits him.

How hard is it for a civilian to leave his or her place of comfort and move to a world of uncertainty and unfamiliarity to be transformed into a Soldier! Then, the transition back from Barracks to civilian life is harder. Adjusting to the new situations and finding the right balance and the rhythm of civilian life again, is not as easy as it might seem. Homecoming soldiers to the highly politicized, Gulf-money-rich Kerala, face an identity crisis. They make wild and farfetched attempts, sometimes reaching farcical proportions, trying to get a foothold and acceptance in the society.

With his remarkable debut novel, Hari Arayammakul tries to give a face and voice to the disparaged soldiers of God’s Own Country.

Cigarettes. Sex. Love
By Lavanya Nukavarapu
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

The title speaks loud through the words of Sarjana Atluri, who is twenty-three, addicted to cigarettes, and is confused with love and sex. Recently friend-zoned by the man she loves, she thinks her life may end up resembling her mother’s, who has spent a lifetime pining away for an unfulfilled and unrequited love.

But the truth is that Sarjana is different. She desires sex as much as she desires love. In a society that cannot comprehend it adequately, she is often judged and shamed for her perspectives. Nonetheless, she sets herself on a journey to seek answers and to discover herself - what is it that she wants? In her journey, she forges varied relationships and through them, she learns the meaning of life and love and her stand on relationships. She realizes that there may not be answers for everything always, but what is important is that she becomes a better version of herself every day, learning to manage her addictions of cigarettes, her need for love and her desire for sex.

This is a beautiful story and a happy song for everyone about finding love, reconciling relationships and when needed, learning to let go of what you have loved the most.

Data Science & Machine Learning
Data Science & Machine Learning with Python
by Swapnil Saurav
Genre: Non-Fiction

Unlock your potential as an AI and ML professional! This book covers basic to advanced level topics required to master the Machine Learning concepts.

There are a lot of programs implemented which goes with the explanation - that's why we call it Learn and Practice. Book uses Scikit-learn (formerly scikits.learn and also known as sklearn) is the most popular package and also a free software machine learning library for the Python programming language.

It features various classification, regression and clustering algorithms including support vector machines, random forests, gradient boosting, k-means and DBSCAN, and is designed to interoperate with the Python numerical and scientific libraries NumPy and SciPy. Happy Coding in Python.

Draupadi's Only Partner & Other Stories
Draupadi's Only Partner And Other Stories
By Muralidharan Parthasarathy
Genre: Short Story Collection

This short story collection has a huge range of themes attempting to glimpse at life and snap shots of moments in time frozen to give the reader insights of various tragic, deeply touching and shocking mostly in ordinary people's lives.

The author shocks us with unexpected plot twists and soothes us with empathy. There are beautiful connections within each story.